POEMS - if cows could fly (Just a few examples...)

enzo the elephant

Enzo the elephant
Liked racing fast cars
His favourite
Was Italian and red

He was good with the gears
And steered with his ears
And he was once
A champion it’s said


There once was a cow
Called Priscilla
Whose horns were so sharp
They could kill ya’

So her owner one day
Cut them away
And now all they do
Is tickle ya’


Rocky the horse
Could run of course
But he often preferred
To sit

In a chair by the fire
In his evening attire
Where with needles and wool
He would knit


Simon the Salmon
Had a bright pink vest
Simon the Salmon
Thought he was best

But sadly for Simon
This is such a short ballad
For only last week
He was eaten with salad


Teddy was not a watchdog
For her legs were far too short
But Teddy took care to remember
What her father had always taught

Don’t worry if you’re not massive
Or your coat is warn to tatters
It’s not your outside appearance
But the size of your heart that matters